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eVG Attorney

The first Secure Attorney - Client gateway in South Africa

Customised to each client's needs, the eVGAttorney can encourage interaction between Attorney and client, improve workflow, form synergies and make document management easier
eVGAttorney enables you to share information with our Attorneys through a secure central repository that is available globally 24/7
eVGAttorney enables you to upload and download any document to and from your open file(s) with van Gaalen Attorneys
eVGAttorney enables you to view and download your statements and other documents such as invoice (yes, we had to add this to the eVGAttorney )
eVGAttorney enables you to communicate with van Gaalen Attorneys in a more secure manner than email or Instant Messaging

The eVGAttorney is only available to existing clients - why wait? - forward your first instruction to get access to this unique service