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Proactive actions and solutions like training and workshops can be the differentiator between a successful company, practicing good corporate governance and a company involved in with issues such as:

•  Security breaches;

•  Loss of data;

•  Unauthorised commercial activities;

•  Sexual harassment;

•  Unsuccessful disciplinary hearings;

•  Unsuccessful criminal and civil actions, and other similar issues.

At van Gaalen Attorneys the focus is not just to provide expert advice on topics in isolation, but to form synergies between disciplines, e.g. how to effectively implement an eCommunication policy in accordance with the Labour Relations Act, and as a result provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

Why pay thousands of Rands per delegate for a conference if you can have workshop at your company's own premised for a quarter of the price. 20 People can attend for the price of 5 delegates at a typical conference.

Training & Workshop topics:

How to implement Company Policies effectively and ensure successful disciplinary hearings (1 day workshop)

Some topics to be addressed during this session:

•  How to draft user friendly / plain English Policies

•  Who to involve during policy formulation and implementation

•  How to formulate an awareness program

•  Effective implementation techniques (incl. demonstration of electronic solution)

•  Management of incidents

•  Disciplinary code and Grievance process

•  Disciplinary hearing:

•  what evidence to use

•  how to obtain the evidence

•  what the charge sheet should look like

•  what questions to ask (or not to ask)

•  High level breakdown of civil and criminal prosecution procedures (when needed)

Here are some materials that will be included in the workshop:

•  Disciplinary code

•  Grievance procedure

•  eCommunication Policy

•  Awareness Presentation for Employees

•  5 'eVG Policy Manager' licenses for FREE

e-Business and the internet (1 day course)

Some topics to be addressed during this session:

•  What risks are there?;

•  Jurisdiction;

•  Contracting online;

•  Marketing risks;

•  Copyright and trademark issues;

•  Data Protection

•  Electronic signatures

Here are some of the materials that will be included in the course:

•  eBusiness Guideline

•  Website terms and conditions

•  eMail legal notice

IT Security "in and out"

Some topics to be addressed during this session:

•  What Assets to be protected

•  What threats to watch out for?

•  Difference between Policy, Standard and guidelines

•  How to apply ISO 17799

•  How to distribute the relevant policy

•  Configuration Management on Compliance documents

Here are some of the materials that will be included in the course:

IT Security Policy

The above training and workshop sessions can be customised according to your needs against a minimal additional costs.

All three the above workshops are one day workshops for an audience not more than 20 people.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in the above workshops then please complete the training / workshop form and submit same to us. On receipt thereof we will contact you with more details and prices