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Legal Risk Audit

To address legal risks in isolation or to draft and implement a single policy will not contribute to a high maturity rating under any Corporate Governance strategy. We have noticed that the best way to address the various different legal risks and to determine an organisation's maturity in terms of legislation such as the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, the Promotion of Access to Information Act, the Regulation on Interception of Communications, Labour Relations Act and other similar Acts, regulations and licenses, is to execute a Legal Risk Audit (LRA).

If you are serious about Corporate Governance we would strongly recommend that you request our 60min LRA presentation, highlighting:

  • The process we follow to determine risks and submit recommendations;
  • The Legislation, International Standards and Best Practices we use and / or refer to during the process;
  • Software Solutions that can play a critical role during the implementation of policies;
  • Recommended Workshops and training, associated with the solution provided to clients, based on a thorough LRAA
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